6 Fabulous Date Night Outfit Ideas for Unique Dates!

Whether you’re looking to impress someone with a fabulous first date, or searching for new ideas to shake up a dating rut with your longtime love, the best experiences are personal and creative. With a little thought about who you are as a couple, you can design the perfect date for you. There’s nothing quite as heartwarming as knowing that your partner has crafted an adventure that you’ll love. Here are some ideas to get you started and some date night outfit ideas to help you look your best on your quest for romance.

1. Escape Together

We aren’t suggesting you charter a private jet and whisk your love away to a private island (although if that’s an option, it sounds fabulous). Try out an escape room, where you’ll be given about an hour to figure out a set of clues together. Get it right, and you’ll find your way out of your themed room before time is up. The ticking clock, teamwork, and innovative thinking are sure to get your hearts pounding way more than your standard dinner and a movie ever would.

For the action of an escape room, you’ll want to wear something comfortable. This is not the time for pencil skirts and stilettos. A jumpsuit is the perfect marriage of comfort and style for an adventure like this. Pick something with a few alluring details, like an off-the-shoulder neckline, and play up the drama.

2. Hit The Arcade

To hit the sweet spot of youthful fun and adult indulgence, try an arcade bar. Research shows that playfulness is an important characteristic to determine attractiveness for both men and women. What better way to tap into that than to hit the arcade and show off your mad skills? High score challenges and loud cheering is encouraged. The fact that you can also order your favorite cocktails is the cherry on top of this lighthearted date.

When selecting an outfit for this adventure, you can go one of two ways. One option is to keep it comfortable and casual with bootcut jeans and a fluttery-sleeved top. Or if you really want to play up the fun, wear an over-the-top party dress with a full chiffon skirt. It’s not a look for everyone, but if you just gasped at the thought, it’s probably the look for you.

3. Learn to Cook

cooking-class-gathered-around-chef-in-blue-apronWhen you combine the intimate feeling of learning something new with the sensuality of food, you have a recipe for an exciting date. Sign up for a lesson in preparing your favorite cuisine, or branch out and try something completely new. Not only will you have an interesting evening together, but you’ll have the next date all lined up — making the recipes you’ve just learned. Working together in the kitchen can also be very sexy.

Your outfit for cooking should be easy to move in. You don’t want draping sleeves that will get in your food, but otherwise, your options are wide open. You might feel pretty in a casual, knee-length dress, or keep it practical in slacks and a flattering top. Whatever look you choose, you’ll want to wear flats that don’t have slippery soles.

4. Scavenger Hunt

This is a great way for couples who have been together for a while to recapture that first-date feeling. Create a scavenger hunt, leading your date through different places that are important to you as a couple. With a little advance planning, you can have someone at each stop ready to hand over the next clue. For example, you could start with a card that directs your date to the little ice cream shop you used to go to all the time. When you get there, the person behind the counter hands over the next card along with your ice cream. People are often happy to help with schemes like this; it adds a little fun to everyone’s day. Finish the hunt at the scene of your first date, and bask in all those “remember when” feelings.

A day like this is inherently romantic. A floaty maxi dress fits the mood, while still feeling relaxed and comfortable. One with a high neckline that exposes your shoulders is unexpectedly sexy, and you may find his hand brushing your bare shoulder more than is strictly necessary.

5. Dance Lessons

Dancing together improves relationship satisfaction. That’s just science. So, sign up to learn a smoldering dance like the tango and enjoy each other’s company in a whole new way. Stumbling your way through the steps at first will have you laughing together, which is always good. And once you’ve mastered the new steps, you are prepared to dazzle the next time you attend a wedding together.

This is a great time to pull out all the stops and go full romance in your outfit. Try elegant bell sleeves, a flattering wrap dress, or a flowy skirt that is perfect for twirling. The goal is a look that is ultrafeminine. Just be sure your shoes are stable, so you’re steady on your feet.

6. Bookstore Romance

Take your date to a good independent bookstore. When you get there, split up and each of you wanders off to find a stack of books that interest you. Meet up again at a designated time and spot and share with each other what you’ve found. You might think this is only a date for introverted bookworms, but it can be a great outing for any couple. Sharing interests is an excellent way for a new couple to get to know each other, and longtime couples may be surprised at the new conversations it opens up.

When dressing for this date, you’ll want to strike a balance between “casual” and “date night.” You can’t go wrong with a dress, but keep it knee-length so you don’t feel overdressed. A floral print ups the romantic nature of the look. You may want to bring a cardigan or shrug, to stay comfortably warm as you browse the shelves.

The secret to a good date is creativity and personal attention. Creativity will help you find new and exciting ways of spending time together, while that personal touch will help you choose the just-right outings to thrill your date. Once you’ve planned the perfect event, come visit our fashion boutique and let us help you craft the perfect outfit for your special night out.